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LabEd is a website where you visualize your basic lab, health, and fitness scores in a game format to show cause and effect between your lab result icons vs. food intake and other health & fitness icons.

The amount of information available on diet and fitness is overwhelming. For every food that is considered good there is information that labels it bad. There are hundreds of diet and fitness strategies that claim to make you healthy in very little time and effort. Body transformation videos can be inspiring and depressing at the same time. This all leads to confusion, which makes the likelihood of achieving optimal health very slim. Furthermore, all the information available is not specific to your individual needs. LabEd generates health score icons based on your food intake, profile, lab tests, and other health parameters to create a health scoring game giving you tailored information to help you compare and contrast scores and see a cause and effect between lab results and health choices.

LabEd ™:  Health is a journey of education, trial, and feedback

“Poor diet may be the primary “cause of causes,” underlying much of what ails us, and on par with tobacco smoking as the most common actual causes of death in the United States and beyond.” Med Clin North Am. 100(6).